Deffenbaugh For Council

In envisioning the future of our city, it’s imperative to learn from our past successes. A glance back at history reveals a vibrant tapestry of small businesses and incremental development that once defined the heart of Sioux Falls. As we chart a course for sustainable growth, let’s consider the wisdom of our predecessors and embrace a new paradigm: Incremental Development Districts.

Reimagining North Main Avenue

The story of North Main Avenue echoes the narrative of many urban cores across the nation. What was once a bustling hub of commerce and community has now faded into the background, replaced by empty parking lots and lost potential. But beneath the asphalt lies an opportunity for revitalization.

Incremental Development Districts: A Blueprint for Success

Incremental Development Districts (IDD) represent a departure from the failed model of large-scale developments. Instead, they champion a return to grassroots city building, empowering small businesses and developers to reclaim our urban landscape.

Key Concepts of IDD Implementation

  1. Improve Land Use: Replat parcels into 50 by 150-foot lots to encourage small-scale development and maximize return on investment.
  2. Taxes: Base taxes on land and infrastructure value, incentivizing development on vacant lots.
  3. Parking: Eliminate arbitrary parking requirements, reducing costs for developers and tenants alike.
  4. Setbacks: Remove setback requirements to maximize property utilization and investment return.
  5. Zoning: Streamline regulations to permit mixed-use buildings, fostering vibrant, diverse neighborhoods.
  6. Approval Process: Expedite approvals with pre-approved building plans, reducing costs and uncertainty.
  7. Traffic: Implement traffic calming measures to create safe, walkable streets conducive to community engagement.

Building a Brighter Future

By embracing Incremental Development Districts, we can breathe new life into neglected areas of our city. From North Main Avenue to Phillips Avenue and beyond, let’s work together to create vibrant, walkable neighborhoods that enrich the lives of residents and strengthen our city’s economic foundation.