Deffenbaugh For Council

My Platform

And Initiatives For The Community

Upcoming Runoff Election

Location: Minnehaha County Administration Building – 415 N Dakota Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Voting Dates: April 23rd – April 30th from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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Treating Citizens as Collaborators Instead of Customers

Sioux Falls isn’t a private business – it’s a community building project that requires many hands and perspectives. City-led forums and conversations should be held in the neighborhoods they impact. Our shared future involves everyone. All are welcome, and we’re building it together.

Strong Investments ≠ Big Investments

In our community, small investments often yield the greatest returns. A bus stop bench or a strategically placed traffic calming bump-out can make a significant difference. Let’s make more small, safe bets for a prosperous future.

Smarter Land Use

Land is our most valuable asset. Our current and future capacity to generate community wealth and wellbeing is dependent on economically-productive and environmentally sustainable land use. Our future will require data-driven analysis for successful developments and careful stewardship of our land and rivers.

Preparing Beyond the “Boom”

The annexation boom in the late 90’s made way for hundreds of linear miles of infrastructure now needing costly repairs. We have continued to grow, and must be prudent in our preparation for future neighborhoods.

Rational Transit

We are one of America’s largest metro areas without reliable mass transit. We must do better as we grow to make our city’s amenities and services more accessible for all citizens. Proven models like designated rapid transit corridors and walkable community hubs are crucial for our city’s growth.

Density, Intensity, and Diversity in Building

Sioux Falls will keep growing. We need to have real conversations about density and how citizens engage with their surroundings. Endless expansion seems inevitable, but we can build and reinvigorate the city’s core with a return to traditional development strategies that made Downtown Sioux Falls the gem of a neighborhood we all enjoy today.

Ordinance & Charter Audit

As our city evolves, let’s scrub through overreaching ordinances hindering our economic vitality. A thorough review of our charter and audit of our zoning ordinances is long overdue. Let’s cut loose ineffective rules that no longer serve us.

Incremental Development Districts

Sioux Falls is vast. Let’s conduct data-driven experiments within the city, learning from what has worked in the past. Incremental Development Districts will help us adopt successful development strategies unique to the needs of specific areas allowing for innovative growth, planning, and design.

Safer Streets for Everyone

Safer streets mean more than crime reduction—it’s about redefining our largest public spaces. What does it mean to live in a safe, walkable community? Let’s reclaim these spaces for pedestrians focusing on traffic calming measures and safety at all speeds.

Neighborhood-Led Growth

Before rampant annexations, we grew modestly, led by neighborhoods and small businesses. Let’s rekindle that spirit of community-focused growth by establishing more neighborhood associations and neighborhood programs like participatory budgeting. Our future lies in collaborative planning with neighborhoods at the forefront.